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graphich for Citizenship Celebration 2022

Do you know who  the president was during World War I? Or do you know who was considered the “Father of Our Country”? These are just two of the 128 questions on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Naturalization Test that immigrants may be asked. At RPS, we have the opportunity to help immigrants and refugees become citizens at Hawthorne Education Center.

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graphic of students holding cellphones

Cell phones and other electronic devices have become part of our everyday lives. More than just a phone, they’ve become our entertainment, our calendar, our clock, our means of staying connected, and more. At Rochester Public Schools (RPS), we understand this. However, phones in schools often become a distraction to the educational environment and can also become targets for theft. RPS students are provided with a school-issued device for daily use in school, and this should be the primary device used by students while at school. RPS discourages students from bringing cell phones, tablets, iPods, and other personal electronic equipment to school. 

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