School Age Child Care

Child Care and Child Care for Critical Workers (CCfCW) Update

We are currently preparing the phase II registration process for child care for Tier One critical workers at John Adams Middle School. We will begin accepting registrations on Tuesday, October 20, for care starting in November. Parents will do this through the regular School Age Child Care registration system

Care is available for children on approved contracts only. All contracts will remain pending until approved. Applying updated guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education, we will approve contracts in the following priority order, as space allows: 

  1. Households where all parents/guardians in the household are Tier One critical workers who are required to be at work

  2. As space allows, households with at least one parent/guardian Tier One critical worker who is required to be at work

  3. As space allows, households without Tier One critical workers 

MDE defines Free Child Care for Critical Workers (CCfCW) as,“The school-age care for children of critical workers is intended for extreme circumstances in which no parent or guardian is at home, due to employment as a critical worker. If it is a two-parent household and one is not a critical worker, a school is not required to provide free school-age care to the family, but the school could choose to provide the care, if they have the capacity to do so while ensuring health and safety requirements can still be met.”

We offer School Aged Child Care at all of our elementary school locations. Below you find the school address, cluster leads, contact information, SACC room locations, and entrance door information.